MY NAME IS SOTIR – A Memoir of a Child Evacuee

My name is Sotir

By:  Olga Lexovska Naumoff  © 2003

Tpb:  355 pgs.

Price: $26 CAD          USD$19

This memoir transports you to a time and place, a people and a culture that few really know, or have cared about. As one of the 28-30,000 Macedonian children, from two to fourteen years of age, Sotir became one of the Detsa Begaltsi, evacuated by the partisans to countries that opened their doors to them, where the sounds of war would no longer be heard.  The parents placed their trust in the particans, rather than the Greeks.  This is a true, must-read story.  It is one that will evoke happy, carefree memories of the child in all of us.  It may remind you of life in the village, before and after the war interrupted the idyllic life.  Sotir will make you laugh at his antics, cry and remember, learn and give thanks for the human spirit that survives.

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