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Lerin in Mourning cvr

Atanas Tane Naumovski

Translated by: Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart

Tpb 275 pages ISBN 978-0-9804763-5-4

(c) 2014

Price: CDN $30         US$25

Lerin in Mourning names  and commemorates 2,056 Macedonian fighters who died for Macedonian freedom in the Greek Civil War between 1947-49.

The book has information on 98 villages in the Lerin region of Aegean Macedonia (northern Greece) plus the town of Lerin itself.  The fighters are grouped by their village and family.  There is also a Macedonian perspective on the political and military organization of the fighters and key events in the Civil War.

The author, Atanas Naumovski, said that in writing the book he wanted to leave a lasting record of the participants in the events, and the reasons that led to such a bloody Civil War in Greece.

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Petre M. Andreevski,

Translated by Will Firth & Mirjana Simjanovska

287 pgs Tpb

Price: C$29  US$25

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Pirey, by Macedonian poet, novelist and playwright, Petre M. Andreevski, is one of the most celebrated novels of modern Macedonian literature.  Set during the Balkan Wars, WWI and the years soon after, the story follows the major political shifts in the Balkans at the end of the Ottoman Empire, and their catastrophic impact on a Macedonian village and a married couple, Ion and Velika.

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by Michael Seraphinoff

Pg: 182 Tpb

© 2004

Price: $15 CAD/USD$11


“What if” is the beginning of the creative process as there is a degree of possibility, no matter how minuscule. Seraphinoff’s book is fiction, though based on a historical certainty: The tomb of Alexander the Great has never been discovered. But suppose an archaeological dig discovered it in Macedonia, and not Greece?
An anthropologist from an American university joins forces with a Macedonian team to delve into the discovery. Seraphinoff embellishes the storyline with authentic details about Macedonian culture. The reader is carried along with the plot while getting a healthy dose of history for this part of the Balkans.
Mysterious and ancient cults, a strange language spoken by a particular segment of the population make this a fascinating story. The history is easily digested as familiar surroundings in Macedonia are mentioned. And even if you know nothing about Macedonia and its history, and just love a good mystery, you will enjoy this novel.

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Stale Popov

Translated by Michael Seraphinoff

200 pages Tpb

ISBN 0 9757332 1 4 

Price:  CAD$15   US$11 

The author Stale Popov was born in a small, isolated mountain village of Macedonia in the final, turbulent decades of the Turkish Empire. From this background he is able to write a story for us in a voice of the traditional village storyteller that takes us on a journey into the heart and soul of the medieval Turkish Empire in Europe.
Popov’s story of the brave peasant girl Andja is based on an old legend and a documented peasant rebellion against Turkish rule in the year 1565 in the Mariovo region of Macedonia. Popov offers us a window into a world and a way of life that is foreign to us today. And yet, The Legend of Kalesh Andja’s story of a struggle for freedom and justice, from far away and long ago, can still move readers, both young and old.


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Tashko Georgievski

(translated by Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart)
113 pages ©1994

Tpb        ISBN 0 9586789 01

Price:  CAD $18   US$14

Black Seed is one of the great political and humanistic novels of contemporary Macedonian literature. It is one of the few books that examine life in the Greek prison camps during the Greek Civil War, providing a rare insight into a period when the State sponsored persecution of political dissidents and ethnic minorities, particularly Macedonians, was at its most intense.
Written in a direct and succinct style, Black Seed is a story of courage, compassion and truth which is universal in meaning. It was made into a successful film, and has been translated into a number of European languages.
Tashko Georgievski is one of Macedonia’s leading contemporary authors. The book concludes with an article on Georgievski by Mateja Matevski, who discusses the theme of “returning”, common in Georgievski’s books.


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