Lerin in Mourning cvr

Atanas Tane Naumovski

Translated by: Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart

Tpb 275 pages ISBN 978-0-9804763-5-4

(c) 2014

Price: CDN $30         US$25

Lerin in Mourning names  and commemorates 2,056 Macedonian fighters who died for Macedonian freedom in the Greek Civil War between 1947-49.

The book has information on 98 villages in the Lerin region of Aegean Macedonia (northern Greece) plus the town of Lerin itself.  The fighters are grouped by their village and family.  There is also a Macedonian perspective on the political and military organization of the fighters and key events in the Civil War.

The author, Atanas Naumovski, said that in writing the book he wanted to leave a lasting record of the participants in the events, and the reasons that led to such a bloody Civil War in Greece.

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