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Small Tales, Great Wisdom – Macedonian Sayings and Fables

Small Tales Great Wisdom cvr

Exercises in the Art of Astonishment

Selected and Translated by Jim Thomev  

154 pages Tpb

Price $12 CAD                       US$9

This is a book of wit and wisdom.  It is suitable for those who want to think about life seriously and be entertained in the process.  This is a book that can be used as a guide to human nature and the world in general, or can be read for the sheer fun of it, or both.  It contains 1,000 sayings and 16 fables from Macedonia. There is also an illuminating commentary by the editor and translator, Jim Thomev.

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MACEDONIAN TABLE/Makedonska Masa/Makedonski Stol

Makedonska Maca cvrf

By: Anastas S. Odzaklieski 

80 PAGES   HC ring bound   


Price: $25 CAD            USD$20

Macedonia has been growing various high-quality fruits, vegetables and spices in the fertile soil of the country, particularly in the regions of Pelagonija, Polog, Tikves, Skopsko polje, etc. making the ingredients from this part of the world the best for the preparation of a number of savory dishes. These are typical Macedonian recipes, produced in 3 languages with lush 4-colour photographs with a convenient large ring binding which makes it easy to prop up while cooking. There are Appetizers & salads, main dishes, and sweets. All in easy-to-read English, Macedonian and Croatian.

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MACEDONIA – TOURIST PEARL – Tourist Potentials and cultural historical landmarks

MK tourist pearl c table book

by Krste Savevski, Editor-in-chief

Hardcover  –  564 pages   ONLY ONE LEFT!!

NEW Price: $80 CAD           USD $55

A Coffee Table book with over 560 pages about the various tourist areas and regions in Macedonia. Every region is presented with its geographical tourist values, cartographical and geographical contents of the region, including 4-colour photographs of the various mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, springs, spas, archaeological sites, towers and fortresses, etc.

This coffee-table book includes photo illustrations, therefore a reader has an opportunity to not only read about the various areas, but also visually get acquainted with the treasures and beauty of Macedonia, including its tourist potential and cultural historical landmarks.

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MK tour book

By Thammy Evans   –  3rd edition

344 pages  Tpb  (easy to carry!)

ISBN 139871841622972 

Price: $26 CAD               USD $19

Even in the 21st century, Macedonia is a story untold. Remote, land-locked and little visited. It’s a place practically untouched by tourist trappings, signposts and explanations. Yet this country, once the southernmost part of Yugoslavia, has a simple natural beauty that its European neighbours find hard to match. The Bradt guide is the only English-language about Macedonia. This 3rd edition includes new material on battlefields and historical figures, as well as updated information on outdoor pursuits, folk festivals, wine, archaeology – and, of course, Macedonia’s fast-improving hotels, restaurants and bars.

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fragments of history cvr

By: Jim Thomev 

© 1990   

Bilingual Edition

104 pgs Tpb

Price: $10 CAD     USD $7       ONLY ONE  LEFT

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              “How are we to trace the bloodstained history of the Macedonian spirit to find a belief in the dense future and the meaning of existence?  As we penetrate in the symbolic string of 31 poems, one for each letter of the Macedonian alphabet, the intensity of the poetic expression becomes stronger and more exciting.  I am convinced that Jim Thomev’s poetry will not leave anyone indifferent.”  Dr. Ilija Casule.

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