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Some great old stories cvr

translated and illustrated by Michael Seraphinoff

pb: 31 pages 

ISBN: 097733230

Price: $10 CAD              USD    $7

The stories in this book are great old stories from the oral folk tradition of the ancient land of Macedonia. They are meant to make us laugh and to make us think. They are fun to share with both young and old. The authors of this collection of stories are unknown Macedonian storytellers, however the translator and illustrator, Seraphinoff, is a scholar with degrees in anthropology and an M.A. in Slavic linguistics. In addition to this latest publication, Seraphinoff has written a serious dissertation, translated The Legend of Kalesh Andja and the novel Macedonian Gold.

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Silyan the Stork cvr

by Marko Tsepenkov, translated by Michael Seraphinoff


Price: $7 CAD    USD  $5.00

The folklore collector and tailor from the Macedonian town of Prilep, Marko Tsepenkov (1829-1920) heard this tale from one of his visitors sometime in the mid-19th C. the tale of Silyan the Stork is probably the best-known and the longest of all Macedonian folk tales. It tells the story of a young man, Silyan, who is transformed into a stork after a series of misadventures. During his life as a stork, he observes his family from a perch on the roof of their home and learns some important lessons about the value of family.

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Baba's Macedonian Socks cvr

by Alex K. Gigeroff, (c) 1994

31 pgs Softcover        

ISBN 0-921369-14-X               

Price: $15 CAD   USD  $11

This book is based on the very first song the author learned to sing, as a child. This tale of generations haunts those with sufficient life experience to appreciate tradition and family. I suggest that you buy this for yourself, and then leave it as a legacy to your grandchildren. This is a must in every Macedonian home that has children and grandchildren!

The Society of Folk Dance Historians, Austin, Texas, says, “You will not read this book quickly. You will remember your grandparents…

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Small Tales, Great Wisdom – Macedonian Sayings and Fables

Small Tales Great Wisdom cvr

Exercises in the Art of Astonishment

Selected and Translated by Jim Thomev  

154 pages Tpb

Price $12 CAD                       US$9

This is a book of wit and wisdom.  It is suitable for those who want to think about life seriously and be entertained in the process.  This is a book that can be used as a guide to human nature and the world in general, or can be read for the sheer fun of it, or both.  It contains 1,000 sayings and 16 fables from Macedonia. There is also an illuminating commentary by the editor and translator, Jim Thomev.

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MACEDONIAN TABLE/Makedonska Masa/Makedonski Stol

Makedonska Maca cvrf

By: Anastas S. Odzaklieski 

80 PAGES   HC ring bound   


Price: $25 CAD            USD$20

Macedonia has been growing various high-quality fruits, vegetables and spices in the fertile soil of the country, particularly in the regions of Pelagonija, Polog, Tikves, Skopsko polje, etc. making the ingredients from this part of the world the best for the preparation of a number of savory dishes. These are typical Macedonian recipes, produced in 3 languages with lush 4-colour photographs with a convenient large ring binding which makes it easy to prop up while cooking. There are Appetizers & salads, main dishes, and sweets. All in easy-to-read English, Macedonian and Croatian.

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